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EuropeAyurvedaAcademy-EAA and Atreya Ayurveda College-Bangalore-India

200-hr Ayurveda Training – According to WHO and AYUSH-Govt of India.
Who can Apply-Open for all-Health Professional’s, yoga teachers, Herbalists,Therpasits,Massagists,Researchers,Educatiors

Teachers, Paramedics etc.

This course will give you the ability to work with yourself and your private clients at a deeper level.

This Ayurveda Training has Entirely Designed programme according to CCIM and Ayush Syllabus. so you can participate from  your own home without unnecessarily travel.. We recommend that it is completed in 10 months. However, you will have permanent access to this course.

** It will consist of **

Weekly two days-SAT&SUN-2.5HRSX2=5HRS in Conference Group Teachings on ZOOM.US

20 hrs—Per Monthx10months=200hrs

– Weekly email to answer any questions pertaining to the course material.

– Online material on our training website consisting of videos, audio, text and quizzes to monitor your personal progress.

– A list of preparatory reading and references. 

This course is EAA&ATREYA (Association of EuropeAyurvedaAcademy and Atreya Ayurveda College-Bangalore-India) approved and can be applied towards the 200-hr Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Nutrition Certification.

we will have Ayurveda Practitioners Programme which is 4yrs course in due course.


 The Curriculum **

1.Basic theory of Ayurveda – Definition of Ayurveda, definition of ayu (life). Signs of ayu, benefitial / unbenefitial ayu. Origin and history of ayurveda, eight branches of ayurveda, goal of ayurveda, Jnana,Vignana,Vedas&Vedangas and Introduction

to Dosha,Dhatu,Malas etc
.Philosophy of Ayurveda – Sapta padartha – basic                                seven   elements, dravya, guna, karma, Samanya, vishesha,                       samavaya, abhava with brief details. Shad darshana Darshana –               astika darshana, nastik drashan, Pramana—


3.Theurapeutic principles of ayurveda – Lokapurusha samya (inter relation between human and universe), samanya vishesha (principle of similarity and dissimilarity), panchamahabhuta (five basic elements), Three dosha, three mala, seven dhatu, principle of congenital and hereditary, prakruti (constitution) karya karana (cause and effect


4.Rachana and kriya sharira (anatomical and physiological aspects) – Sharira definition and details, travel of body from metaphysical to physical (purusha concept), brief garbha sharira (embryology) and manifestation of organs. concept of srotas (systems/channels in body), Detailed study of special body parts / systems like twacha (skin layers), kala (border/layers), mamsa/ peshi (muscular), asthi (bones) sandhi (joints) kandara (tendons) and circulatory system


5.Ayurvedic Nutrition and Dietetics – tripods of life – diet              sleep and celibacy. Concept of complete diet – Ahara, four           types of food, method of consumption of food.Method of                 preparation of food some qualities of food elements.                       Concept of health and disorder (swastha                                         and  rogi) definition of health and disease, maintenance of             balance of dosha etc


6.Ayurvedic psychology &Swasthavritta,Sadvritta. Basic                 Ayurvedic psychology & Swasthavritta.

Manas budhhi,ahankara, Trigunas, Aspects of Mind and Health,            Concept of Dinacharya,Concept of Ritucharya. —Interactive               Trigunas

Spiritual aspect of Ayurveda & Introduction to Diseases—

Definition of disease and synonyms, Relation between Dosha and Disease, Classification of diseases Etc.



1.2.5hrsX8 DAYS==20 Hrs-250 Euros per Month

10 MONTHS-250 EX10=2500 Euros per person



Certificates will given as Ayurveda Life Style Consultant and Nutritionist.

Issued  Jointly from EuropeAyurvedAcademy and Atreya Ayurveda college-India


Teachers-6 Indian Authorized Vaidya’s will be Teaching all the subjects Alternatively


1.Dr.Venkat Joshi BAMS M.D-London-U.K-Advsior-Academics.

  1. .Dr.Prashant Achary-BAMS.M.S-Chairman-Atreya College-Bangalore-india


4.Dr.Sharmili Mehar—BA.M.S-Munich-Germany



7.Dr.Sureshswarnapuri BAMS.MD

-Director-EAA-Ireland,France,Spain,Croatia,Slovenia, Ukraine and U.S.A

Ayurveda Therapist Courses-with Martina Lovrek-Zagreb-Croatia.


Meeting with Students in Locations Live if Necessary according to majority of students in 6 months period for Practical classes/Exams.






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