Potturu Venkata Ranganayakulu
Dr.Ahalya Sharma-B.A.M.S,M.D


Dr.Potturu Venkata Ranganayakulu


• Ph.D. (History of ayurveda) from the department of ancient indian history, culture & archaeology, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. India, 2005 – 2009.
• P.G.Diploma in Yumeiho Therapy, International institute of preventive medicine, Tokyo, Japan. 1994-95.
• Diploma in Esperanto, the international language, Hannover, germany. 1984.
• Nelts certificate from ciefle (central institute of english and foreign languages (now efl), hyderabad, 2000.
• Basic chinese (mandarin) 3-month course from the Taipei Language Institute, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2002.
• M.A. (history), Ambdedkar Open university, Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh. 2000-2002.
• B.A.M.S. (Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine) from Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh. 1975 – 1981.
• can teach history of medicine in general, History of Medicine in Asia (from 15th centuries ad), History of Ayurveda (indian traditional system of medicine) from prehistoric age to the present in english and esperanto.
• Can teach human physiology and its historical perspective.
• Can teach medical anthropology and social anthropology.
• Expert in museology, history of medicine and popular medical writing.
• Lecturer (1986 – 1992); Asst Professor (1992 – 2010), professor from 2010 to till date, in Ayurveda in Sri Venkateswara Ayurveda Medical College, tirumala tirupati devasthanams, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh.
• Teaching Sarira kriya since 1986 to tilldate.
• Taught ayurveda itihas for 5 years
• Taught Svasthavritham and agadatantram in 1986-87.
• Taught ayurveda in a summer school in bouge, France, july-august, 2011.
• Taught ayurveda in ping tung town, taiwan.
Academic record:
• Travelled around the world and delivering lectures on Ayurveda, in various universities in the USA (new york and wash d.c.), Japan (tohoku university), United Kingdom (oxford, edinburgh and keele universities), Netherlands (amsterdam university), Germany (hamburg), Ireland (trinity college), ping tung high school in taiwan, university of Hong Kong, China (Shanghai university) and ukraine (kieve and nikolajev).
• Presented 150 programs on ayureda on TV7, a health channel in telugu.
• Interviews : BBC radio in Dublin and England; bhakti tv (telugu); Hmtv, tv9 and many other channels.
• Learned Esperanto, the international language and contributed many articles in esperanto for international magazines., which are not listed here.
• Phd guide for Vellore Institute of Technology and International Esperanto University, San marino.

Dr.Ahalya Sharma-B.A.M.S,M.D

Joint Director-
Ayurveda, Yoga & Nature Cure, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) Department


Dr.Sureshswarnapuri BAMS.M.D-Ireland,France,Croatia,Ukraine
Dr.Ashish Paul-BAMS-london-U.K
Dr.Pratima Nagesh-BAMS.M.D-London-U.K
Mrs.Eleonore de croy sole-CFNP-Paris-France.

74, warren road, Croydon surrey, CR0 6PF. London.
Tel: 00 44 2084056277 (land line) & 00 44 7986603951(Mobile),E-mail:


Dr.Ashish Paul-BAMS-london-U.K

Dr.Ashish paul is a qualified Ayurvedic doctor and a Medical Herbalist. ,practices in London-U.K.she studied Ayurveda in India, BSc MSc Herbal Medicine in England and Scotland. She is one of the very few qualified practitioners in two distinct systems of complementary and alternative medicine. Dr.paul is also part of Ayurvedic Practitioners Association’s (APA)-U.K executive committee involved with issues of importance to Ayurveda in UK. Also have working experiences in Switzerland. Currently Dr.paul practices from Essex clinic and Harley Street in London.

Dr.ashish paul
Harley street, W1, London UK
0044 7779711615

dr.pratima nagesh

Dr.Pratima Nagesh-BAMS.M.D-London-U.K

Dr Prathima Nagesh obtained her degree (BAMS) from Mangalore University, India. She subsequently specialized in Panchakarma MD from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India. Her research included Pancharkarma in arthritis. She hasa clinic in Essex, UK. She is a lecturer for past 9yrs, and works at College of Ayurveda(Milton Keynes) and as well at the Middlesex University London. Dr Prathima Nagesh is also a visiting expert at School van Ayurveda (school of Ayurveda) in Belgium. She has represented Ayurvedic Medical association and college of Ayurveda at the House of Parliament, during Ayurvedic meeting for discussion on regulations.
Ayurvedaccollege ,middlesex universty
London U.K


Mrs.Eleonore de croy sole-CFNP-Paris-France.

Eleonore de croy-solre
Director-Ahimsa ayurveda center-PARIS-FRANCE
Expert in food and Nutrition
Practices basics of Ayurveda since long time

Dr.Suryanarayana Mudadla

Dr.Suryanarayana Mudadla

Graduated from Dr.N.R.S.Govt Ayurvedic Medical College, Vijayawada, Andhra pradesh. Secured First rank in Andhra Pradesh Ayurvedic P.G. entrance test conducted by NTRUHS, Nov-2010. Perceived post graduation from Sri Venkateshwara Ayurvedic Medical college, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh with thesis work on Ayurvedic management of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Present working as Associate professor in post graduate dept of Kaumarabhritya, and as a Post graduate coordinator in S.J.G.Ayurvedic Medical College, Koppal, Karnataka. With 8 years of clinical experience in the field of Kaumarabhritya and 5years experience in teaching for both under graduate and post graduate students. Providing coaching to students for post graduation entrance test.

Participated in various workshops and seminars related to the field of Ayurveda. Has keen interest and experience in application of research methodology and medical biostatistics in Ayurveda. Possesses a deep understanding and experience in clinical trials and research protocols. Had been Organizing secretary of Shishuhita –A National seminar on behavioral and seizure disorders in children,2019.

Invited as a guest speaker to share the experiences on clinical practices in the field of Kaumarabhritya. Organizing secratory for Ayurvedic medical association (AMA),Andhra Pradesh. Joint treasurer for National integrated medical association –Pediatric society of India. Active member of NIMA(National integrated medical association) ,Koppal, Karnataka.


Dr.Sureshswarnapuri BAMS.M.D

BAMS[Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery] from Sri
Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, Andhrapradesh, India.MD [Doctor of medicine] in Ayurveda with special
emphasis to Panchakarma Detox procedures external and internal and also in the
subjects of HEAD AND NECK & NEUROLOGY(AYURVEDA) from the university of Government college of
Indian medicine, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Studied Yoga and Meditation during the course of
Ayurveda.Skills-specialist in NADI VIGYAN (pulse diagnosis) and panchakarma
with this input

Dr.Varalakshmi BAMS – BIRMINGHAM-U.K

A highly enthusiastic and motivated medical professional with a fervent desire to forge a long and successful career in Ayurvedic medicine. Adept at delivering Ayurvedic panchakarma treatments to a wide range of patients in both India and England. Possesses a strong understanding of clinical trials and research protocols. Boasts a history of writing in-depth medical articles on Ayurveda, published in Ayurvedic magazines and local newspapers. Specialises in providing excellent advice to patients regarding exercise and diet, employing an empathetic nature and outstanding communication skills in the process. Extremely hard working and passionate exponent of medicine with a flair for providing a superior patient care. Done Bams at Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, Dr. N.R.S. Government Ayurvedic Medical College, 2005-2011vijayawada-Andhrapradesh-India
Dr.varalakshmi presently runs Ayurveda wellness and pain centre at BIRMINGHAM-U.K

Ayuwellness and pain center
1 High street
+44 121 553 7575


Dr. Venkata N Joshi BAMS.M D,PhD

Dr. Venkata N Joshi BAMS.M,D,PhD
Conferred a PhD in the subject of Dravyaguna’ the Materia medica of Ayurveda, the herbs and their efficacy in fertility inducing and promoting, during the year 1996. Tenure of PhD, term resumed since from 1990-1992, at Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar, Gujarat in India.
MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Ayurveda Post graduation degree earned through from Gujarat Ayurveda University during the years from 1985-1988.
BAMS (Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda) from Osmania University, Hyderabad during 1978-1984.
Croydon center
74, warren road, Croydon surrey, CR0 6PF. London.
Tel: 00 44 2084056277 (land line) & 00 44 7986603951(Mobile)

Dr Anjali Joshi BAMS

Dr Anjali Joshi is highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Doctor.She brings with her vast and rich experience of 15+ years specialising in consulting and training.This has come from her providing consultation to people and training of students and corporates for 7+ years in India and then 8+ years in UK.
Her consultation experience is spread across traditional and modern healing methods in her well established clinic and in various well known medical institutions in India. Her teaching experience includes training students at highly regarded Ayurvedic colleges in India like IIAMR, Bangalore and UK. In the UK, She is associated with well established College of Ayurveda Uk and Middlesex university. She has been involved in providing training and traditional healthy consultation to corporate world in the UK by teaming up with well-known ayurveda retreat organisation called Herbal Ayur.

Dr Prasanna Kerur BAMS,M.D

Dr Prasanna Kerur is a qualified and passionate Ayurvedic Physician with a wealth of Ayurvedic clinical and teaching experience over the past twenty years both in India and the United Kingdom and is currently working as a Ayurvedic Physician at the Ayush Wellness Spa in Jersey, channel Islands, UK set on the foundation of Ayurvedic healing therapies advocating and promoting balance of mind, body and spirit. He provides Ayurvedic consultations, lectures, workshops, diet and lifestyle recommendations and Ayurvedic treatments.
Dr Prasanna has earned his Doctor of Medicine degree in Ayurveda from the renowned Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore in South India. He had been a visiting faculty to teach Ayurveda on both Undergraduate and Post Graduate programmes at Thames Valley University and Middlesex University in London. He was an Ayurvedic Consultant for an Ayurvedic clinic in the Central London. He has worked as a Consultant and teaching faculty at Ayurvedic Institutions in India for more than ten years.
Dr Prasanna has been actively involved in extending his expertise to provide continued professional development programmes for Ayurvedic practitioners and students in London. He has been an invited speaker to various International Conferences in the UK, Europe and India. Dr Prasanna has been featured in various periodicals and presented talks about Ayurveda on All India Radio, BBC and ITV.Prasanna Kerur BAMS, MD (AYURVEDA)


Marina Lovrek–Croatia,France
Mihela hrgetic-Croatia,France.


Marina Lovrek – Croatia,France

The wisdom is something, which someone is born with; others have no choice but to get it through their experience. As a child, I was always interested in things, which are not segments of western living standards. Even through the experience of my family I was able to see the essence of western medicine and their only general and crude approach to human body. I knew from the very beginning I wouldn’t be able to be like that, on the contrary I was much more oriented to the wise people who were aware of
the power and efficiency of nature considering the healing of various diseases and disorders. Unfortunately the most of that old knowledge got lost through centuries. My doctor games ended up with my education. My interest in human body and its functioning was increasing day by day. I entered the cosmetology programme at medical secondary school because it is not a rigid medical education; it includes many other fields too. During my secondary education I first met the oriental cosmetic and healing techniques. Then I definitely realised I would never be just an ordinary cosmetician and masseur. After finishing my secondary education I got soon the opportunity to learn about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal remedies and manual healing techniques including the Tui-Na massage. I also finished the Tui-Na massage education programme. While working at one cosmetic studio, I was
becoming aware of the fact, that my knowledge and skills were not used in efficient manner, although I was always trying to advise my clients about the importance of healthy nutrition, physical activity and their inner condition, in regard to their external appearance. Actually, I felt lack of holistic approach. I was still trying to improve and broaden my knowledge and meanwhile I also finished the manual lymphatic drainage course by Dr Vodder and successively worked at The Policlinic of Plastic and General
Surgery “Barbel” in Zagreb. At the Centre of Acupuncture and cosmetics I first met Ms Tina Carić, who was dealer of many Italian cosmetic brands in Croatia but also a big lover and supporter of TM and Ayurveda. Our acquaintance led to our mutual cooperation and to the long term path of my life and professional career. At the Ganeša centre I worked from 2002 until 2013 and in 2005 the Centre started cooperation with Dr Suresh Swarnapuri, which brought immense knowledge of this ancient doctrine into
my life and professional practice. Thanks to Ayurveda I managed to find everything I had missed before, all superficialities and gaps disappeared and I found out that the Ayurveda has immense power and profundity, which are the best way to lose even the most complicated problems in a very practical and simple manner. So, this would be my story on Ayurveda, it was, and it still is, worth to listen to wise people, to which I am very thankful. This goes especially to Dr Suresh Swarnapuri. The cooperation with
him is continued nowadays at the “Ahimsa” centre in Paris, which is owned and guided by Ms Eleonore de Croy. I chose this path in order to make possible through Ayurveda and other natural techniques, that people understand the power of human body considering the self healing approach as well as the importance of noticing its signals and supporting nature, which is always our spring of health and never our enemy!

Mihela hrgetic-Croatia,France.


Dr.Pooja sabarwal BAMS.M.D
Dr.Abishek Lulla BAMS.M.D


Dr.Pooja sabarwal BAMS.M.D

Dr. Pooja sabharwal is Ayurveda academician, Practitioner and Researcher, working in Ayurveda field since 2006.At present she is Assistant Professor of Ayurveda & Consultant at CBPACS, New Delhi, Govt of India. She has a vast experience in India and abroad for practicing and propagating Ayurveda. For propagation of Ayurveda she has visited Latvia, Germany and Malaysia. She was invited by Embassy of India for Latvia & Sweden for promotion of Ayurveda from 19th March to1April 2014. As a part of the campaign to promote Ayurveda,
She is author of an Ayurvedic book on Yoga Chakras and its relation to Ayurveda. She has presented and/or published over 35 abstracts at national and international meetings. Dr Pooja sabharwal is engaged in extensive research in cancer treatment through Ayurveda .
She has received National Human Rights award from All India Human Rights Association. She has been International coordinator for International Ayurveda conferences. She is serving International Academy of Ayurveda as faculty member. She worked as Consultant/Assistant Medical Superintendent at Shri Dhanwantry Ayurvedic College and Dabur Hospital Chandigarh. She has also served as Ayurveda consultant in Germany on deputation From Dept of Ayush , Ministry of Health and Family
Welfare , Govt of India.

Dr.Abishek Lulla BAMS.M.D

Dr. Abhishek A. Lulla is a dynamic Ayurvedic physician, an accomplished speaker and researcher.
He is a Consultant physician at Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Cbe ) ,Chennai and also at Lifeline Hospital, Chennai. He believes that no single system of medicine alone can solve all of society’s medical needs thus believes in Integrating Ayurveda with Yoga and other sciences. He completed his B.A.M.S from Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Ayurveda College, Chennai and completed his post graduation M.D. (Ayu) in Kayachikitsa ( General Medicine ) from S.D.M College of Ayurveda, Udupi , India . He is currently persuing his PhD in Ayurveda.
Dr. Lulla is the Chief Editor of the Ayu Update Newsletter , which is a part of the Council for Ayurveda Research, Boston, USA. He is also an Editorial Board Member of International Ayurveda Medical Journal. In addition to this he also is the state coordinator of National Ayurveda Students & Youth Association (NASYA) for the state of Tamil Nadu.
He is renounced speaker and has taken part in many International
& National Conferences.
thank you Doctor for joining us


Dr.Gaurang joshi BAMS.MD
Dr.Kailas.p.Datrange BAMS.M.D

Dr.Gaurang joshi BAMS M.D(alternative)

Dr.Gaurang joshi BAMS

B.A.M.S.(Gold Medalist,Gujarat Ayurved University),M.D.(Med.Alt.)
Director-Atharva Multi Speciality Ayurveda Hospital,Cancer Research Center,Panchakarma and Skin Care Hospital,Rajkot,Gujarat,India.
International Ayurveda Physician,
Expert Ayurveda Skin Specialist,
Expert in Ayurveda Oncology
President-International Psoriasis Foundation,
Chairman-Atharva Life Science Academic and Research Foundation(Atharva Foundation)
Editorial Board Member-Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research,USA
Editorial Board Member-International Journal of Dermatology,USA.
• Running an exclusive Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment center for the last 19 years. He focuses on and treats Obesity; Skin disorders, including Psoriasis and Leucoderma,Cancer, Mental disorders, Diabetes, Arthritis, Bronchial Asthma and All types of chronic diseases by enhancing immunity. He has conducted various collaborative research projects and is currently doing research to evaluate the efficacy and safety of polyherbal powder for patients with Vitiligo and Psoriasis.
• Published More Than 12 Research Papers In National And International Conferences On Dermatology And Oncology Research,
• Also written a Book “Ayurveda-The Science of Life” Published By LAP-Germany.
• Invited By University Of Indonesia ,Dept.Of Pharmaceuticals Sciences As A Guest Speaker In International Symposium September 2011.
• Invited Speaker By National Ayurvedic Medical Association(NAMA),USA.NAMA’s10thAnnual Conference at Albuquerque,New Mexico,USA,Scheduled 18th to 21st April 2013 .
• Invited Speaker and Scientific Advisor By Omics International,USA in International Conference on Dermatology 2013,Chicago,USA,Scheduled 15th to 17th April 2013.
• Invited as a Speaker in Asia Medical Tourism and Healthcare 2013 scheduled 9th-10 th April 2013 at Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.
• Faculty-International Academy of Ayurved,Pune,Visited Israeli Ayurvedic Center to give lectures,June-July 2013.
• Visited USA,Germany,Netherland,ColombiaSingapore,Isreal,Dubai,Indonesia for Consultation and Propagation of Ayurveda as a Speaker.• Current Area Of Research :
• Currently Doing Research Project Title “Clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Poly Herbal powder in patients with vitiligo.”with The Department of Pharmaceuticals Sciences,Saurashtra University,Rajkot.
• Currently Doing One More Research Project Title “An open label study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Poly Herbal formulations in patients with mild to moderate psoriasis” with The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Saurashtra University,Rajkot.
Dr.Kailas.p.Datrange BAMS.M.D

Dr.Kailas.p.Datrange BAMS

• Founder consultant of “Dr. KD’S AYURHEALTH” clinic from past 8 years.
• Consultant Doctor at Anjalee Mukherjee’s Health Total Mumbai.
• Associated with European Ayurveda Academy and conducts Lectures at different centers all over the world.
• Associated with European Ayurveda Academy and has conducted lectures at different Ayurveda Schools.
• Invited as speaker at International conference on Holistic Health in Bangkok, Thailand in 2006 where he was awarded “Jivaka Ayurveda Vishwasanman Award” at the hands of health ministry of Thailand.
• Invited as a speaker by Joytinat International college of Ayurveda in Ancona, Italy (Europe)
• .Invited as Guest speaker by Rotary club of Dombivli on the topic ‘Health and Ayurveda’.
• Invited as a speaker by World Movement of Yoga And Ayurveda in Milano- June 2009 for a lecture.
• Covered by the famous daily of Mumbai the “Maharashtra Times” as YOUNG ACHIEVER for his work in Healthcare field.
• Covered in the newspapers of Bangkok, Thailand for his presentation in Ayurveda related topic.
• Covered 4 times by ‘Zee 24 TAS’ news channel for their program ‘Arogya’ on television
• Was Felicitated by Yog Confederation of India at the International conference on Yog, Peace in Delhi.
• Ayurved Vishwasanman Award Feb-06 in Bangkok Thailand
• Awarded Young Achiever by The Famous Times Group of newspapers.
• Awarded by Yog confederation of India for outstanding work in promoting Ayurveda through the globe in New Delhi, India.

Dr.Darshan Desai, BAMS.M.D

Darshan Desai, BAMS, MD.Ayurveda from University of Mumbai, Diploma in Skin, Trichology, Nutrition (GCTA Australia). He has received clinical skills training from school of Shri. Vaidya Samir Jamadagni , Pune, India for Pulse diagnosis, Panchakarma, evidence based formulations and pharmaceutics. He also has parallel 14 years of experience in ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, education, research and development. Darsha has worked in major ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies in India, including Charak, Agron India, Sandu Pharmaceuticals, and currently as the Head of International Marketing at Forest Gold (Founded by Shri. Amar Lulla, Ex CEO of Cipla). He has also been involved in various positions right from clinician, formulator, product manager, and trainer. His mission is to propagate ayurvedic living with innovative solutions/products that are palatable and appealing for today’s generation and generations to come. He strongly believes that ayurvedic pharmaceutics are the future of pharmaceuticals.