Welcome to Europe Ayurveda Academy

Welcome to Europeayurvedacademy.Ayurveda the ancient science which deals with many branches like modern science. Thousands of years ago ayurvedic vaidyas used to practice in different specialities with high-tech pulse diagnosis in those periods there where no scans ,MRI are available, even today pulse diagnosis stands Unique. Europeayurveda academy would like to give more attention to Europeans depends on their culture ,geographical position of their countries. Ayurveda needed to be more adapted and applied properly in order to obtain proper results. Ayurvedic education is very important from eastern Europe-to western European countries to understand its philosophy. So we want to spread this beautiful science in every corner of Europe.we offer these four courses for now.we join hands with U.K,FRANCE.IRELAND.CROATIA,SLOVENIA,NETHERLANDS and UKRAINE ,we are also open for other countries.at present we offer two courses only

• Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Certification – 500 hours-
• Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification – 500 hours-
• Ayurvedic Food & Nutrition Consultant Certification – 500 hours
• Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapist Certification – 500 hours

EAA-Europeayurvedaacademy is based in Ireland and will be operating with  different partners in diferent countries.all qualiified Ayurveda Practitioners will be included in Academy.our Aim and Obiective is to create unity among Practitioners in order to take this knowledge to common People.